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Frequently asked questions

  • How do i get my work published on this site?

Work is submmitted to in the following formats
Text in English of not more than 500 words discribing the project
Images of the projects of jpgs of not more than 10MBS per project

  • How do i participate the competitions?

Entry to this competition is free

Follow the link:Architecture 256 Competition

  • Why should i subscribe for e-issues

They are Free

To keep you posted about the latest available e-issue

  • Can i be part of Architecture 256

Follow us on our social media pages and subscribe to our e-issue

  • Which type of content can i submit to this site

Submit concepts, ongoing and completed projects: In the following categories

Interior Design Landscape/ Urbanism
Student Submission

  • When do i get the results from the competitions?

Results shall subsquently be announced on the competition page

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