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R&F Yingkai Square : Guangzhou, China


The building is part of a larger master plan of mixed-use towers that collectively signify the stature of Guangzhou as a major metropolitan city. The simple yet iconic form of the tower traces inspiration from local bamboo plants, as seen in the building's asymmetrically carved corners as well as the veining of vertical strips on the fašade. The strips compress and stretch as they rise, starting more dense at the base to enhance the sense of gravity. The hotel occupies the building's uppermost floors, with office space below, and subway connections below grade. "With its tight urban site, diverse functions and direct connections to transit, the building has quickly made an impact," said Paul De Santis, LEED AP, principal and senior designer at GP. "The building establishes a unique silhouette in the rapidly evolving skyline." While the tower internalizes its functions into a singular expression, the design is greatly born of its context. The square tower massing respects the geometric rigidity of the street grid, helping to form urban rooms in conjunction with the neighboring parcel. The pinching language created by carving out the corners highlights the unique views available at various heights through and over neighboring structures while the diagonal extensions of the site relate to the adjacent central green and nearby Pearl River Delta.

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