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The nostalgia: Middle East


The nostalgia: the word itself reflects a certain tale or chronicle . But if we go back to itís origin the word can be divided into 2 parts notos and algos . Nostos is returning home while algos is pain . So according to a famous saying which says A journey without pain is a journey without a treasure . All sea exploration journeys begin with an aim, direction and strength, these notions are all embodied in the main element which is the ship. Basically the ship and the journey are both independent none of them can stand on its own without the other. Therefore, the journey such as the journey that is being created in this museum cannot be complete without being influenced by the ship . Back in time a tribe called the bbani yas tribe settled in dubai and depended on fishing and sailing, back then, the ships and boats where used in order to trade and find food, therefore they were the elements that helped in the "on going" of life. Similarly this museum has been placced in this area in order to give a rebirth of it's surrounding and refresh it.

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