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Social Housing.: Madrid, Spain.


The competition required us to adhere to specific restrictions: alignments with the existing urban fabric, the site'schamfered corner, setbacks for attics, and specific building heights. In the surrounding neighborhood, these constraintshave created very monotonous and repetitive buildings that differ from each other merely by the color of brick used intheir construction.In order to prevent our building from falling victim to the homogeneous surroundings, we took the generic shape that wasgiven as a constraint and used it as a starting point for the design. We capitalized on the corner chamfer, repeating itmultiple times on the overall building volume. These chamfers were used not for their representational value, but ratherfor their performative logic. The chamfered corner first determines the building's sectional organization, after which thethree-meter setbacks are applied to the roof, creating spaces for attics. The building's faceted surface recalls images of agiant rock, and a series of voids penetrate the facade, altering and determining the location of different rooms withineach apartment. On the interior, the sloped planes create attractive double-height spaces: a superior living space whencompared to the typical standard apartment. Ultimately, the overall form of the building can be characterized as a seriesof beveling operations that generate sloped facades which lack a clearly recognizable scale: floor heights, windowdimensions, and entrance locations become blurred.Instead of arranging two symmetrical apartments on either side of a hallway, we proposed a cluster of three living unitsper access core, thus optimizing the mechanical performance of the building. The intense green color that was used invarious areas of the building was inspired by its adjacent neighbor. In doing so, our L-shaped building becomes adefining corner piece that completes and connects the entire perimeter block..Architect:  Inaque Carnicero architecture office

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