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Poitiers Housing Estates: Bel Air District, Poitiers


We have imagined this project like a succession of strip parcel. At some places the strips are cut-out, only noticed thanks to a treatment on the floor that defines the outside space.At other places the lashes form the volume of the building; in fact we could say that the building is contained by those lashes.The whole cluster of houses is surrounded by a very porous fence which forms the bases of some accommodations.The frontages are made as the roofing, in a pearly and lacquered metal with wide waves.The delicacy of the metal corresponds to the idea of the initial folding.The structures in front of the frontages virtually stretch the volume of the lashes. Those structures are used as a support for a vertical plant wall and for the louvered shutters, in the roofing prolongation, that will protect the Southern frontages from the summer sunshine.There are buildings, there are gardens.The outdoor spaces are punctuated by objects: trellising, log cabins, Different varieties of fruit-trees are planted in each lash, coupled with the different shades of claddings; it offers a real diversity and a coloured quaking to the site.Likewise, the slight difference in the buildings implantation makes the whole place vibrate behind the aligned fence.

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