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Atreo Skyscraper: Greece


Reinterpretation of the ancient Greek myth of Atreus. Atreo is a concept building designed by Crilo , with sharp shapes, it is lacerated in the armor of black metal and dark glass with cracks that reveal its interior. The prosthesis, projecting at different heights, are heliports. Below the complex, an underground space, infrastructural node and the heart of the ascent to the tower. The spatial nature is similar to the Etruscan funerary chambers and recalls the tomb of Atreus, whose treasure is part of the myth. The reinterpretation of the myth is based on mutability of the past, through a continuous equilibrium between history and contemporaneity. A re-interpretation of the human tensions, which belongs to every period of history. \"The mutability of the past is the central dogma\" George Orwell from \"1984\" Architect: Crilo Images courtesy of Crilo  

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