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Olive Tree Lane: California


High in the Coastal Range above California’s Santa Clara Valley, this new home boasts sweeping 270-degree views across the valley to the East. Designed for a sophisticated couple who enjoy entertaining at home, the home achieves a Modern, almost Euro¬pean sensibility with minimal, clean lines and a neutral palette. An open plan promotes free and unobstructed movement flow. Subtle ceiling articulations help to define sub-spac¬es within the open floor plan. Soffits and recesses, backlit with ambient washes of light, are punctuated by direct lighting for an effect that is both theatrical and serene. Hidden cove lighting enhances the overall feel.  In the living room, a 9-foot-wide fireplace set into a wall with an interior stone veneer balances the magnificent Eastern view. Generous ironwood decks extend the entertainment spaces to the outdoors. The brightly colored kitchen enlivens the public wing of the house. Partly shielded behind a partition wall, the kitchen still preserves lines of sight to the adjoining piano room, sitting room, and great room. The cabinetry is a balance between several carefully chosen color accents – a bright burnt orange, smoked translucent glass, clear etched glass, brushed steel, and white. The kitchen’s vibrant energy transitions to the home’s calming palette through the use of neutral color accents as a bridge and through the ceiling articulations that occur throughout the home. Architect: Mark English Architects Photos: Norma Molina Lopez  

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