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Code Dental Clinic : Kamwokya, Uganda


The project is an interior fit out of an existing open plan space transformed into a dental clinic. The project was designed with consideration to the client’s modest budget, therefore required a highly creative yet cost effective design. The project exhibits a contemporary approach to interior design. It entails a rich diagonal tapestry of bright shades of orange against white. This criss-cross pattern was used to accentuate particular spaces like the reception area, and foreground for the waiting area. The multi colored staggered pattern creates interplay of depth. A cosy and interactive space hence attained with the use of soft colours for the walls.  The project was designed to enhance the natural lighting of each space as well as create an interactive mood within the space.  The reception desk moulds from the wall and directly mimics the angulations of the wall geometrics. To a visitor at the clinic, the design is meant to create a psychological distraction to the mind, away from the experience of encountering the dental chair, hence allowing the visitors to have a calm mindset. Project Architect: Angiletti Design Studio Photography: courtesy of Angiletti Design Studio

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