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1010 CENTRAL flagship store : Central China


The brand new design of 1010 flagship store aims at encapsulating the customer-centric philosophy and prestige of the brand. The core design mission of the “Grand Voyage” theme is to create a captivating retail ambience which embraces the notion of premium, luxury and lifestyle. Extending over two floors, 1010 CENTRAL has become the newest landmark in Central, which is also home to many other fashion and lifestyle luxury brands. Astounding visual effect of mood lighting creates a captivating façade. The grand opening of 1010 CENTRAL where VIP guests enjoyed a night of decadence that was redolent of the golden era of travel. Its timeless design recalls a classic hotel or travelers’ club from the golden age of the Grand Voyage. 1010 CENTRAL’s décor and design combine to create an ambience a world away from the clamoring streets outside, inviting customers to browse at their leisure. Column of wood panels above the ceiling creates a welcoming passage for customers. Customers are welcomed into the store and greeted by a chic reception on the first floor. An eye-soothing plant wall recreates a refreshing ambience amid the city hubbub in Central. The marble staircase adds to the grandeur of the overall design. Customers can relax and take the weight off their feet in comfortable leather armchairs while they learn about the dedicated services available from 1010. Customers are free to spend as much time as they like experiencing the vast array of live mobile devices available, creatively displayed on vintage trunks in stainless steel and meticulously crafted leather and wood borders. The store incorporates lifestyle displays, featuring wine, golf, horse racing, fine dining and travel, all of which are key elements of the 1010 experience. Customers at 1010 CENTRAL can enjoy a well-deserved break over a cup of coffee before they embark on the Grand Voyage. Unique 1010 scent branding stimulates a memorble and multi-sensory customer experience. Capturing the glamour and history of the Luxury Train Orient Express, which symbolizes one of the finest travel experiences in history, the creative concept is a perfect fit for 1010’s Art of Travel theme. Architect: Clifton Leung Design Workshop Images courtesy of Clifton Leung Design Workshop  

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