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Nest: Nagano, Japan


The site of the house is surrounded by rice paddies, with mountains in the distance.The goal of the project was to build a small house for a husband and wife within atight budget of $180,000.My initial instinct was to build a structure that captured the feeling of the surroundingnatural environment.Architecture being an artificial construct made this a challenge.Rather than simply imitating forms found in nature I tried to create an abstract representationthat still imparts a feeling of nature.In the natural world, there is expression that is algorithmic and beautiful.For example, the way the birds weave nests out of leaves and twigs, or the holes and patternsof displaced earth created by animals burrowing into the ground.By abstracting these ideas, it is possible to use them as a starting point for creating architectural models .In doing so, I believe it is possible to create an architecture that is both rational and organic.Although the budget for the project was low, we decided to use reinforced concrete for three reasons:1) Reasons the groundwater level is high, because we can ensure reliably waterproof.2) By studying the details,,because there was a possibility of finding a reasonable way to eliminate the        secondary member.3) We knew because it  can use as insulation materials and finishing materials.By it, we was able to reduce the cost of materials and artificial.By simplifying the building process we were able to complete construction in 3 months.The soil has been discharged by it, was used as embankment around the building.It is to reduce the cost of disposal of the soil.In addition, the building insulation has been improved by surround soil.Despite the difference between the exterior and interior materials, the experience inside the home distinctly nest-like.Also, the shape of the house brings to mind an animal "NEST" with the displaced earth piled around the exterior of the structure.The house was constructed without discrete rooms, inviting its occupants to define interior spaces and level of privacy through the placement of furniture.  Once furnished, the building is complete.By taking inspiration from nature and following a strict building logic, I was able to recreate elements of nature in an abstract manner.Architect: No.555-Takuya TsuchidaPhotography: Koichi Torimura

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