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Macalister Mansion: Pinang. Malaysia


Designed as a quirky but sophisticated lifestyle destination, guests enjoy a series of hospitality experiences as if they were in an actual home - good food, fine drink, engaging conversation, soothing music, a good night's sleep or a lap in the pool. The Macalister Mansion is associated with the good things in life and having a great time, but at a scale that is both intimate and personal.Designed in a conserved colonial building, each of the 6 distinct F&B and Hotel entities form part of the overall Macalister Mansion experience. Each entity is also branded as a distinct room or space found in a typical mansion - the dining room, the den, the living room, the bar, the lawn & rooms. Set against the backdrop of a conserved mansion, Ministry of Design (also behind the famed New Majestic Hotel in Singapore) ensured that the heritage spaces have been careful restored and infused with contemporary design - allowing the project to strike a balance between the nostalgia of the past and a vision of relevance for the future. The name Macalister Mansion also honours Penang's first British Governor Sir Norman Macalister and you will find numerous references to this historic figure captured in the a host of specially commissioned installation art pieces throughout the grounds and in each of the 8 hotel rooms.

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