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Taichung City Cultural Centre: Taichung, Taiwan


ANGILETTI DESIGN STUDIO has designed Taichung’s City Cultural Centre to engulf the thriving art and culture that Taiwan is so fondly seeking to express; Taichung city cultural centre has been designed around the many various artistic and poetic attributes picked from the plum blossom. Flourishing in the harshness of winter, the plum blossom radiates a glimmer of hope to the hearts of many, as if the first sunrays of spring, silently ushering in the Nian festival. No wonder it remains the national symbol of the graceful Taiwan.Taichung city hosts a vibrant cultural society, blessed with colourful art, cheerful festive, and a thriving economy; a city that is to be so beautiful for the residents and the world to enjoy. The city cultural centre is to bring about an all year round appreciation of culture and art, while honouring the spirit of the plum blossom, both on the exterior, as well as the interior. The building has been sculpted with emphasis on purity of form, to honour the untainted form and spirit of the flower, which attracts so many onlookers when it blossoms.A spirit of revitalisation lingers after the harmonious merging of Taichung city and Taichung County as well which the concept celebrates. Since the blossom brings hope of regeneration of life as winter fades away to spring, so does the building concept represent the regeneration of the site which previously was an airfield of hard surface. It will be a convergence centre that will provide an all year round experience of the strong art and cultural aspects of Taiwan. It is to be appreciated by all from the convention centre, the Taichung gateway park, the Taiwan tower and all the surrounding context of the Taichung gateway park. A serene place to escape away from the hustles and bustles of city life. Taiwan citizens and Tourists should relate to the building at first glance and feel welcome as the spirit of the plum blossom lingers all year round in the city’s gateway park.The building, modest in size sits comfortably between the large convention centre (mountains) and the wave making pool (ocean); a natural position for the plum blossom. The cultural centre is designed to be easily visible and recognisable even from a distance. The building has a small footprint, allowing for unimposing views from Park Avenue 2 to the gateway park, and vice versa. The cultural centre is to spear head urban transformation by syn-chronizing the built form perfectly with nature. It is not just a building; it is an integral piece of Taiwan, promoting the virtues of the Taiwanese people.The circular plan gives all round views to and from around the site. The translucent building skin has its highest points in the eastern and western directions, with angled vents allows for daylight pene-tration and views outside the building, but also keeps out heat whilst allowing natural ventilation. 75% of the building tower can be lit by natural light alone.The interior spaces allow one to be en¬gulfed into an awe-inspiring psychedelic space, which captivates ones soul and allows for relaxation. The library has vibrant colours, depict¬ing the plum blossoms purity. Each floor is colour coded differently to also allow for differentiation in space usage.  The museum floors are open plan, looking out into the voids that let in day light and allow for interactivity with nature.Solar energy will be used for lighting the centre. Certain sections of the building where little illumina¬tion will be required during day will be lit by solar energy. This will reduce on the consumption of grid power. Double glazed Solar Photo voltaic (PV) glass (incorporated with pv cells) will be used, which will provide insulation, reduce solar heat gain, glare especially on the top floors. It will also regulate amount of light transmission and shading.The building’s aerodynamic form creates air pressure differentials between skin’s double layer hence taking air upwards and distributing it across library floors. Angled vents keep sun radiation out while the translucent skin allows for natural light throughout the building. The structure has been designed to sit on elastomeric seismic isolators, therefore is strong enough to absorb ground movements and bending due to lateral loads, since it’s being designed in a seismic zone.

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