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In Kyo: Kanagawa, Japan


The Japanese title ?in kyo? is derived from a calm life apart from the active world for the rest of their days. Excessively ornamented mansions showing off surround the site in a rich green residential area. This modest house concealed its appearance in plant open to a neutral space such as a courtyard, a terrace, a garden, and the sidewalk between outdoor and indoor without steps.Each rectangular room has one full-height window and three high windows basically in all directions. Rectangular rooms open to different orientations with full-height window are placed in checkerboard pattern across the low-ceiling space. Sliding doors switch each room from detached room to a sequence of rooms with rich varied scenes.The different materials of the wall are united by the bleached color tone, the same wide flooring as siding is spread to the garden as decking, the decking pattern of the garden is repeated into a pattern of exterior wall tiles, and white plaster of the wall is replaced with a white gravel on the garden. The several spaces and elements are related on a basic rule with change and variation, which is expected to be similar to nature. Architects: Takehiko Nez ArchitectsPhotography: Takumi Otaother project details:Location: Kanagawa, JapanStructure: ASAContractor: Daido KogyoSite area: 501.43m2Total floor area: 163.76m2

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