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Casa Del Pico: villa


Detached villa.Since the land was on a high slope it was necessary to build a two-story villa.The idea of two structures floating on rock was possible because of the granite on the land. The bottom of the swimming pool is irregular imitating the shape of the granite on which it stands. The access to the house through one of the sides discovers a huge glass window overlooking three outstanding olm oaks around which the house was designed. To one side there are the public areas such as living room, kitchen and to the other side there are the private areas ? bedrooms, bathrooms- arranged in two floors. The ground floor was designed to be more in contact with the exterior and the garden is spacious. The upstairs area, where the sitting room and children?s area are situated, overlooks the swimming pool. The terrace, which is above the sitting room, offers views over the mountain range and the city and it has a wide stone bench which serves as a defence wall. Each area of the house is different because of the changinglevels of floors and ceilings.Materials: limestone floors. Concrete walls, brick facade closures covered with single layer coating. Flat rooves finished with gravel. White lacquered DM woodwork. Steel access door. Air conditioning through pipes and radiant floor heating. Lacquered aluminium frames.Architects: ABATON ArquitecturaPhotography: Courtesy of ABATON ArquitecturaOther Project details:Built area:   292m2.Lot:            1,000m2

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