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House in Estoril: Portugal


The universe of constraints formed by the very uneven and irregular topography and need of integration into the physical structure and surrounding environment were fundamental principles in the design of the proposal.The proposal consists of a brick masonry volume, a material that spreads to the outer walls, providing an image of continuity. Properly framed by vegetation, it allows the dilution of the architectural shape as a whole. The access road to the lot is via an intermediate platform, protected by a metallic pergola, while pedestrian access is leveled with the top floor.On entrance level, the hall has a strong visual relationship with a patio, and is separated from the remaining floor area by a wall/cabinet that contains a cloakroom, electrical panels and storage. From the hall it is possible to access into a core - kitchen, pantry and social w.c. - as well as into a large living room. This space, marked by a small glazed patio, creates ambivalence and allows different occupations. The dining room articulates the kitchen with the living room.On the "semi-buried" floor (-1) there are three bedrooms, two toilets, two closets and storage room. All these areas are accessed from a large room, corresponding to the game room.The exterior spaces, given the reduced available area, were designed to relate with the interiors on several platforms. At strategic and sometimes unexpected moments, openings and small gaps occur along the continuous craft brick masonry covering, in search of the right light and the exact space, catching the breeze and the scenery.Thus each part of the garden that is connected to an interior space will be simultaneously combined with another, surrounding the whole building, from the sculpture that suddenly appears, to the terrace roof, where a small pool lies, as a wide space opens up to the landscape.Architect: Candido Chuva Gomes ArquitectosPhotography: FG+SG (Fernando Guerra & Sergio Guerra)

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