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Mont Kiara: Kuala Lumpur Malaysia


Mont Kiara is a mixed-use development consisting of 2 Blocks Office Tower; 34-Storeys and 20-Storeys, a 4-Storeys podium Retail Mall, 4-Levels of Basement Car park Floors and 5-Levels of Elevated Car park Floors. The main entrance to the Mall is clearly visible and inviting from Jalan Kiara, flanked by curved-in facades that naturally create a funnel channeling pedestrians into the atrium which is the central focus of the complex. The core of the entire complex is an oval shaped atrium carved within the podium with a dramatic, curving skylight. Shafts of daylight pour into this central atrium around which retail spaces are arrayed. Intended to evoke the openness of the Italian piazza, the atrium is a gathering space envisioned to be the venue for family oriented community events.Design SignificanceAt the street level, the lobbies of the 2 office towers are linked into the atrium of the retail mall, thus creating a gathering place and focus for the entire development instead of disparate towers sitting on a podium.  Upon entering the mall, the atrium presents a surprise element with its irregular and dynamic geometry, covered with a wide-span, light-weight translucent ETFE (Ethyl Tetra Fluro Ethylene) Roof (the first use of ETFE technology in Malaysia).  The atrium roof is supported by a wide-span webbed steel truss that sweeps down into 2 hollow conical steel truss columns.The translucent ETFE roof over the atrium brings in generous daylight creating a semi-outdoor ambience and openness in the atrium that is intended to evoke the convivial atmosphere of an open ?piazza? with social activities. On the office suite tower the outdoor AC condenser are concealed within a louver compartment that is placed in a random bar code pattern over the fa?ade of the building.Architect: Veritas design group (Lillian Tay,Zainal Ab. Aziz,Wong Koon Nam)Photography: Paul Gadd.other project details:Builder/ Contractor Company: Ireka Engineering & Construction Client/ Owner Company: Ireka Land Sdn Bhd

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