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Ayasha Building: Colombia


A new corporative building was the objective of the contest organized by a Colombian real estate developer, won by Peruvian architect Jos? Orrego. The project tried to emphasize its iconic character, standing out among the urban context. Differing from other brick and concrete Colombian buildings, this one aspired to be a four- surface well defined volume.Each plane is conformed by a fragmented black pane of glass. The LED lines that cross this big surface provide a tech and contemporary look.  These lines are the result of the contrast of two types of glasses: black and frosted. On the edges, planes are barely detached from each other by a luminous burnish that gives us the sentation of floating pieces.At night, the LED lines sick out with a programmed system, so that the whole building adquires a special dynamic and continous movement. The black pane of glass dematerializes. The basis of this complex is a water mirror that reflects the building effects and creates a vertical symmetry.AYASHA means ?small? in native language. In spite of that, the building shows itself as a huge urban referent. Name:  AYASHA BUILDINGOffice: JOSE ORREGO / Metr?polisDesign Team: Arq. Alicia ZapataStructural Engeneering: Supervisor: Arq. Giovanny FeriaLightning: Arq. Claudia PazLocation: 100 St. Bogot?, Colombia Area: 6,500 sqm. Completion date: 2010-2011 Designer: Arch. Jos? Orrego Photographer: Arch. Claudia Paz

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