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Xinzhao: Beijing, China


A coordinate axis divides the almost square area in four large districts. A centrally positioned activity axis with a tree-lined sequence of squares stretches from north to south, which terminates with the school premises in the south. A landscape park, in which freely positioned groups of trees alternate with small clearings, runs through the grounds from west to east and forms a green strip in the centre of the residential area. The residential districts are structured in a linear fashion with a parallel staggered ribbon development, which runs from west to east and consequently allows for a maximum of north-south orientated apartments. The linear structure is alternated in some areas, thus varying the width of the open spaces between the building rows and forming a large number of courtyards of various scale. The main green axis and the smaller courtyards provide open spaces in immediate proximity to the apartments and successively divide the urban space to a reduced dimension. Architect: GMP Photographer: Fuxing Studio, Jan Siefke

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