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Jade Apartments: Sydney


The Jade apartment tower by Tony Owen partners has just been completed in the centre of Sydney’s CBD. The 15-storey tower consists of 27 one, two and three-bedroom apartments, plus double-level penthouses with vaulted glass ceilings. The building is north facing yet it has a fully glazed façade. Large perforated metal Louvre blades and perforated mesh screens allow occupants to control sunlight, views and privacy. The result is a façade that becomes increasingly translucent towards the sky. The glass-walled building has an ephemeral quality which de-materializes as it rises, culminating in the vaulted see-through roof. The building is located in a historic part of the city surrounded by 4 storey masonry former warehouses. The tower floats over an arched masonry podium which visually complements the adjoining brick buildings and echoes the character of this part of town. Its lobby contains the residential foyer and a cafe/bistro in the same space, which has a vaulted ceiling over the entry. This space juxtaposes open space within the surrounding urban environment. Jade that brings the outside in. This design philosophy of openness extends to all balconies and living areas, which are full-height glass. The interior design of Jade interplays the structured linear elements and the curved glass façade concept, with apartments reflecting the flow of the city lifestyle. The design locates kitchens close to the balconies rather than in the centre of each apartment. “We are using a non-formula design approach to enrich the lifestyle experience, not sterilise it. Living environments should be able to relate to a resident’s moods, or at least offer a diverse range of environments that appeal to the various lifestyle journeys - not the bland, corporatised environments they are often given.  

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