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Gola: Manteigas, Portugal


Gola is produced in Manteigas, a rural area of Portugal, where sheerp herders ae known to masterfully use wool to fit most of their needs. Either woven as a soft warm blanket, or a thick dense cover for protection against the harsh elements.This creative use of a single material solving so many different needs, inspired us to develop Gola outdoor blanket, in colaboration with Mantecas.Through this creative process we found a powerful potential, adapting a traditional, rural material to fit our own contemporary Urban life, in a simple yet stylish product. Combining wools' incredible properties, with a very simple shape, this seemingly simple blanket becomes a versatile and practical product, that keeps you as comfortable outdoors as at home.Gola Outdoor Blanket is available for purchase online, with delivery made straight from the producer, offering the most honest and direct relation possible, between the artisans and the consumer.

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