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Magasinet: Malmö, Sweden


Metro is responsible for the construction and renovation of the warehouse “Magasinet” into modern and flexible office. The warehouse was designed in 1951 by architect Thage Möller and has a unique character thanks to its terraces for direct loading and unloading of boats.The overall design idea can be summarized by three simple principles:1. EXTENSION.A simple and stylish glass volume on the roof provide “Magasinet” a new floor plan that takes advantage of the stunning views while giving the building a new character and a stronger profile in the skyline of Malmös harbour.2. ENLARGED WINDOWThe building's new function as a new and modern office requires that the plan gets more and more even light for the new working environments. The windows' height adjustment after floor plan different ceiling heights and provides "the warehouse” an expressive facade facing south. The windows and doors to the terraces opened down to the floor to get a better contact between the inside and outside.

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