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Casa 115: Mallorca, Pollença


In a unique location, overlooking the valley that frames the bay of Sant Vicenç, the project must solve the difficulty of the existing topography. The problems posed by the land are solved by stone walls containing land which provide a platform for the housing. The idea of journey as architectural experience, almost cinematographic, generates a sequence of spaces, finding a range of area that link the interior with the exterior in an intense way, involving the rocky surroundings and panoramic views. The living area and kitchen and dining room are connected by a porch and sliding door that create a flexible space between these areas.The materials used in the project are:•    plaster on the walls and ceilings, painted white•    sandstone "moon" on pavements, walls, roof, and pool•    beech wood covering stairs and furniture of wardrobes and bathrooms•    dark gray aluminium carpentry from Schüco and iroko wood shutters•    outdoor terraces walls are covered with local stone

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