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The Earth House: Prishtina, Kosovo


The Earth House rises from the earth, and creates a living work of art. This house was inspired by the nature itself, says the designer Ilir Blakçori from MOLOS (a creative agency since 2001 residing in Prishtina, Kosovo), he wanted the house to be by all means in touch with nature, because he believes that the beauty in architecture is a reflection of the beauty of nature itself. The composition and symmetry of this house is so artistic but at the same time so natural, that it is hard to recall that this is a home. Water, earth, and air are the strongest elements of this design, and they greet you from the entryway, and up until where "air" replaces what would normally be a porch, which overhangs with a large void opened to the sky above. The grassy slope rises on either side of the main entrance to become part of the facade's detail - like an organic scarf wrapped around it beautifully. The effects of the geometry make Mother Nature as

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