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Appia Antica House: Rome, Itary


This colorful apartment renovation has been carried out by CAFElab Architectural Studio in the Appia Antica Park of the Italian capital in Rome. The original layout of the apartment, typical of Seventies style, was not functional for the new owners' needs, a couple with a child, who wanted a friendly and bright living area, in communication with the rest of the house.Architectural intervention was quite minimal, in order to create a division of public and private living spaces; raw oak flooring extended throughout the apartment, and an ancient red as the dominant color, as well as a "fil rouge" through tiles and furniture’s, give an aesthetic continuity in these two living spaces.The pre-existing double entrance and the kitchen have been aggregated to the existing living room to create a large open space, where the various functional areas are identified by furniture’s and lightingThe architects have given great attention to design of every small detail of the house: into the new living room, a relax corner has been created near the fireplace, to chat or watch TV, while a spacious red kitchen with a custom made island has given a strong convivial impression  to the open space. Beside the kitchen's island, there is an original wine cellar masonry, characterized by a coating with a "raw concrete" effect, while a little home office, functional and discreet, has been hidden behind a double door.In the apartment suspended ceilings incorporate lighting, designed to be as little as possible invasive, with a purely technological and scenic imprint. For both bathrooms, tiles have been selected from an Italian brand with a much sought after aesthetic characterized by handmade details painted in pure gold.

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