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Our project integrates into its surroundings by respecting the urban fabric and existing buildings listed on the register of historic monuments. The use of the same type of stone, the preservation of existing buildings and respect for alignments all give the building an almost discreet character.At the same time, the project establishes a strong identity, with the prayer hall and minaret recessed from the street. The minaret and prayer hall are clad in white stone, symbolizing purity.The project incorporates the characteristic elements of Mediterranean architecture:The project has two distinct entities: The podium follows the contours of the site and provides the base for the other elements. It defines relationships with the city and the adjoining urban environment- The elevated portions express the building’s religious character Historically, the patio is a characteristic element of mosque architecture. The design of a mosque differs from that of a Roman Catholic cathedral in its relationship with public space.A cathedral has a parvis with a monumental relationship to the building. With a mosque, monumentality is never frontal.

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