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Banyan Tree Ocean Estate: Seychelles


With the international appeal of the Seychelles as an exclusive holiday destination of extraordinary beauty, the proposed Banyan Tree Ocean Estate ? as designed and planned by CMAI & CMAI Architects ? will include the development of 47 luxury villas on a beautiful headland nestled between Intendance and Takamaka Bay. The project will minimise its impact on the local environment through appropriate design that takes cognisance of the unique environment. Each hand chosen site was carefully selected by the CMAI team, detailing all distinct natural features before each house is individually designed. A cornerstone of this approach is to allow the design of the villas to be strictly guided by existing natural features and a strict design approach which incorporates both active and passive ?green? measures to achieve a sustainable and ecologically conscious development. The key to this design philosophy lies in capturing the unique essence and sense of place. Following successful consultation meetings held with the Seychelles Investment Bureau (SIB) and Presidential Cabinet, which outlined the project?s intentions to obtain approval for the commencement of the development and EIA process, principle SIB approval and final planning permission for the proposed extension of the Banyan Tree Resort was granted. Architect: CMAI & CMAI Architects Photographic Credit: CMAI Architects

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